OnePlus think the Camera Phone 7 Pro is not good

Phones OnePlus since the launch of the phone OnePlus One occupied a special place in the world of Android phones this is because cell phones provide top-notch performance coupled with the low price and offers the operating system is light and smooth which is OxygenOS based on Android of course.

The problem of the OnePlus One since the beginning of it is cameras where it is “black point” in the image of the OnePlus brilliant except the camera of course -especially in the newer phones from the company – not bad at all, but it is able to rival Google or Samsung which is confirmed by the product manager in the company Zack Zhang.

Development here is that the OnePlus 7 Pro has got the arrangement is very strong on the DxOMark site specialized in measuring the performance of the cameras as phones that have been tried through this site is the same as shipped to users, except that her problem might be because they don’t come out the normal photo to a great extent. (You didn’t happen to you to buy a phone with an excellent camera the that their performance is not as Imagine?)

“When it starts the users in getting the device for the first time, the performance of the camera they don’t like this because all the images need to be very natural at the same time with great view which is difficult we at OnePlus are not good at providing these workers at one time” -Zack Zhang

What you want OnePlus to say is that the sound produced by the phone is very good but they don’t like the user that the inability of the device to be weighed between being sound natural at the same time good-looking. Added Mr. Zack explained that the smart phone manufacturers usually provide users with a light and rich color by shooting mode Auto Auto Mode except that the OnePlus don’t do that where they use the techniques of artificial determine the export status of HDR or during night photography, i.e., that it is-sort of – on the user who is going to camera the OnePlus 7 Pro to be aware of what it does exactly.

Added Mr. Zack explained that the cameras OnePlus is not like those in Phones Huawei, Google, Samsung or Apple this is because OnePlus don’t have the processing abilities owned by those companies, which are the LES in the long years, and here means the databases that contain many details about smart phone photography (Imaging Databases).

In the end, my point is I, vkamirat OnePlus is very good and my purpose but it will not provide you the experience of photography hacks that! This first, secondly, why do you expect from a phone priced at $650 that offers you the experience of filming such as those provided by phones twice its price?

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Source: PhoneArena

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