OnePlus the implementation of the development of the telephone retractable

Denied the CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau the company’s intention to work on a foldable phone to catch up with the big players currently in the market such as Samsung and Huawei, but working on projects and different devices like TV and products for offices smart.

See Lau smartphones folding is not yet ready for deployment and use is common among people, and this is due not only to the price its high, but because it has no use or advantages of a substantial different from the existing phones in the markets, in his view, the young folding in front of her a brilliant future, but not in the phones, not currently.

The company focuses its efforts on other products except the three smart phones is expected to launch this year, where there is a project to launch a TV, or a smart screen, as described by the executive director, where he sees that the AI is able to learn user habits and deliver content appropriate, compared with the remote which has become an old technique.

Also, the company is seeking to enter the field of industry, transport and smart cars, but not through the development of a whole car, but the use of technology in which especially the communications across the networks of the fifth generation and also the assistant vocal intelligent.

Also office share, where work on the development of products that take advantage of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and fifth-generation to develop daily work environment.

These are all future projects, and it may be the TV closest to the with it still in its initial stages, while other projects need years of work and tests before launch as a final product.

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