OnePlus the implementation of the claims which she says she sends user data to a server in China


This month was hard for to buy OnePlus. In the beginning, I found out the company that was breached payment system on the internet is the hack that affected about 40 thousand of its customers. After that, she appeared on the roof reports that the company OnePlus you select and then lift some of the user data in the portfolio text, ” Clipboard”, such as bank account numbers to the server tray. Now, the company OnePlus blew it completely and explain to us why you might think of some as you do.

It seems that this misunderstanding stems from the file in the update OxygenOS demo supports badwords.txt. Includes words such as President, Vice President, private messages, etc. from other colleges, and it is reported that the company OnePlus uses this file to determine what data will be removed from the application Clipboard to the company’s server in China.

This will be very dangerous if it turns out that it’s true. The company OnePlus is quick to deny it, she explained that the file badwords.txt it is actually file the black list, the web operating system after the control data corresponding to the service portfolio of smart own. For users of the OnePlus outside of China, they heard probably about this feature because they only exist in the ROM HydrogenOS, which is the operating system used by the company OnePlus in its smart phones sold in China.

In its statement the official said the company OnePlus by saying : ” there is a false claim that the application of the Clipboard sends the user data to the server. Code is not fully active in the Open Beta version of OxygenOS, the operating system world. There are no data concerning users is sent to any server without the consent of the OxygenOS “.

The only mistake I’ve made is the company OnePlus here is to retain some files HydrogenOS in the trial version of OxygenOS. Keep the code inactive so she doesn’t say anything, but it is confusing and leads to misunderstandings like this.


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