OnePlus review the features of the interface OxygenOS 10 with landed 10

I started a company and I Plus the events of the conference, today’s review features the interface OxygenOS 10 with update landed 10, where the interface improvements and new contributed to the development users of phones OnePlus.

Confirmed the company OnePlus in the events of the conference today on that interface OxygenOS 10 is supported by a new user experience fast and smooth on its smart phones, also come new interface with many features that support an improved user experience.

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Has reviewed and plus improvements that added to the style of Zen with the style of the theme The Dark in the user interface, as it comes due with Instant Translation of the new that supports the user in the translation in real-time conversations.

Also paraded and plus the availability of the interface OxygenOS 10 with landed 10 which applies in the phone OnePlus 7T, which offers interactive interface characteristic jump into an fast, with new gestures on the screen, it also comes technology Google Lens built-in phones OnePlus to support the user in the voice recognition, OnePlus also confirmed its plans to push the update to phones running landed 10, starting from the phone OnePlus 5.


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