OnePlus officially announces a new version of the headset 2 Bullets Wireless

In the conference OnePlus, which was held in New York City today, the company unveiled a Chinese phone its possible for OnePlus 7 Pro as provided and plus hear 2 Bullets Wireless.

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Company provides and plus the new version of the hear the Bullets 2 wireless technology aptX HD, the OnePlus that this technique supports efficient sound with higher quality, it also supports wireless headset charging Warp Charge to estimate the age of recharge 10 hours of playback after charging for just 10 minutes, also supports the phone user up to 14 hours of life charging with charging the phone fully.

And OnePlus earphone Bullets 2 design, special and stylish with a cord around the neck works on the hook for its part, also supports audio 24-bit, Bluetooth 5, with the advantage conjugations fast with phones OnePlus, and switch seamless between devices.

It is planned that you’d expect to hear Bullets Wireless 2 priced at $ 109, are available for sale on the 21st of May, where the sky is black with red lines only.


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