OnePlus making fun of Google because of the problem of 90Hz in pixels 4

The rate of recovery of the screen associated with the is one of the most important features of modern smart phones is the memory which takes care which we first saw in the phones games such as the Razer Phone and then we started to see it in regular phones with the OnePlus 7 Pro and later in Pix 4.

Phone Google Pixel camera 4 may already come with this miss wonderful, so that its screen comes with a frequency of 90Hz as is the case when the OnePlus but the pixels 4 may carry a serious drawback also is that the operating system is to decide when to hold this water and when not occupied!

One of the things which the system in turn 90Hz in the Pixel 4 is the brightness level of the screen that’s unlike OnePlus 7, which supports the playback of this feature at any time! Based on this truth came to tweet the way of the OnePlus harness from Google:

OnePlus trolls Pixel 4’s limited 90Hz mode, remembers its own kill switch, pulls tweet

Later the OnePlus delete this tweet to avoid any problems with Google, but its meaning has got all of us! This is where Google may have implemented a lot of things wrong in the pix 4! This is the beginning of fingerprint facial that works while the user closes the fucking, filming a video which doesn’t support 4K 60FPS finally, the frequency of the screen is not customizable! Don’t forget to watch the following video in which we discuss with you the story of pixels 4:

Source: PhoneArena

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