OnePlus launches a beta testing program OxygenOS

The company OnePlus launches closed beta of the original shell OxygenOS, says on the official support forum of the manufacturer. The participants will be able to become the only owners of the OnePlus 6 to be selected on a competitive basis.

At this stage, OnePlus needs 100 beta testers, which, however, are not the most stringent requirements.

How to get beta OxygenOS

— Be the owner of OnePlus 6;
— Be an active member of the OnePlus community;
— Be willing to liaise with the developers of OnePlus via Slack.

Since the beta program is closed, all its members must observe the strictest conditions of secrecy. This means that all information about the innovations to which the testers will have access, in accordance with the rules of OnePlus, should remain secret.

How to apply for participation

If you meet the requirements of OnePlus, you can try your luck and apply for participation in beta testing. In this case, you will be able to be the first to learn about all the changes that have to happen to OxygenOS, and directly influence its development.

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