OnePlus is preparing to launch a phone with 5G in the beginning of 2019

وان بلس تستعد لإطلاق هاتف بتقنية الجيل الخامس 5G في 2019

Can large companies work on the full swing to develop phones powered by the fifth generation Telecom 5G, while Samsung is the closest to this command, the other companies started to work on the possibility of launching phones that technique during the next year, especially since Qualcomm is the author of the processors Snapdragon is used in most flagship phones I talked about it two days ago.

Stated Carl Pei the co-founder of OnePlus that his company took it upon themselves to launch a phone with fifth-generation through 2019, explained that to his knowledge the company will be the first or of the first companies to launch a smartphone with this technology in the world.

Was Qualcomm has talked about her work with phone companies to deliver the phone at least two, one of them will be in the beginning of the year and the other late, and what seems to be a phone and the Plus is that the control of the beginning of the year, as explained by Carl Pei.

It can be argued that the use of a processor Snapdragon 855 expected at the end of the year with the modem QTM052 means that the phone will be able to use the technique of the fifth generation, which means they will be in a race with Samsung to become the first company to launch a phone in that technical world.

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