OnePlus invited fans to create a promotional video

Company OnePlus has always been famous for its ability to listen to consumers. The OnePlus forum is an example of correct interaction with the consumer. The main goal of business — profit. And, of course, the main aim of OnePlus is profit, however the company still does not forget about the consumers, because interest in the product is not only mathematical calculations, but also in the quality of the product that should satisfy the needs of customers.

Earlier, OnePlus was interested in the opinion of the users only for the device itself, but now the Chinese have decided together with the fans to create a promotional video, dedicated to the release of the OnePlus 6. By the way, the device will be presented on 5 may.

The first version of the promotional video as follows:

At OnePlus, we want to create an ad with the same approach as in the case with the creation of smartphones — side-by-side with you. This is the first version of advertising. We need your ideas on how to improve this promotional video. Just share your suggestions below in the comments or send them via our communication channels in social networks. We will continue to create the new version, the improved your suggestions.

Already in the comments to the video you can observe some strange ideas. For example, “flying under water birds”, “you need a dog on a skateboard” or “we need dogs, lots of dogs”.

And what ideas do our readers? Share them below in the comments.

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