OnePlus explains the way in which the establishment of the advantage of Zen Mode

OnePlus 7 Pro

Bring the phone OnePlus 7 Pro many of the features first. It was the first phone from the company featuring a curved screen rate update reaches 90Hz, the first phone from the company featuring a front camera popup, the first phone from the company featuring a memory storage UFS 3.0. Regardless of the technical specifications, the company OnePlus also add many of the features of the elegant to the operating system in the phone, including a special tool to lock the phone except the basic features for 20 minutes.

This feature called Zen Mode, it works as a solution to the addiction to smart phones that will help users of the OnePlus to take a break from the destructive aspects of their life digital. The company details the full process of how to turn Zen Mode from a concept to a reality in a publication recently on the forum of OnePlus.

It was the starting point for the group of OnePlus is that the technology requires a lot of attention of the user. From there, it was to encourage the research and development team to experience the different ideas and come to a solution to the question. Was the entire process revolves heavily around the comments and observations of users of the OnePlus.

” We believe that technology should serve you, not vice versa. Once we started thinking about the subject of the contract process, we examined more closely how people were using their devices, and what they were dissatisfied about. We don’t want that we create a feature benefit from it, we want to address the problems of real life. “

The idea of the difference between get a permanent reminder by way of notifications but decided in the end to develop an application the user can run it when you feel it’s the best way to move forward. Was the goal always is to give the consumer the ability to control his experience. After that, I started OnePlus in application development Zen Mode depends on comments document for users of the OnePlus. The team wanted to bring a simple and straightforward interface and proposed users of the OnePlus to speak in what has been muted.


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