OnePlus confirms that it will launch foldable phone soon, and is now working on a smart TV

Pete Lau OnePlus

May be the company OnePlus is planning to launch three new smart phones this year, but the phone rollaway won’t be among them. Went to the CEO of the company, Mr. Pete Lau to Milan to talk with students at the European Institute of education for the exchange of ideas about the future.

Smartphones folding is not ready at the moment and not just because of the price. And Mr. Pete Lau that the company OnePlus is not doing anything fundamentally different from existing phones. Screens folding has potential, but not in the phones, at least not yet.

Instead, you want the company’s expansion in other areas, the company OnePlus is working to create a TV or smart screen, as it is called by Pete Lau. He sees remotes old, instead he says that artificial intelligence can learn your habits and have the relevant information ready for you. It looks like Google Now for TV.

You want a company OnePlus is also access to free cars, and electronics, because to create cars completely think the process is very complicated. And Mr. Pete Lau also to the possibilities offered by 5G technology to the world, such as the strengthening of digital assistants, for example, but not limited to. Similarly, the company will manufacture products for the office, which is something related to the era of engagement to the cloud, and again thanks to the developments in the areas of 5G, and artificial intelligence.

The draft smart TV is the most advanced in terms of development process, but it is still too early to know the date of its launch. Will be the development of devices and cars and offices over the next few years.

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