Oneplus confirms hacking credit cards of about 40 thousand clients

On the background of complaints of users of the site oneplus the process of hacking has been of their cards credit which we talked about days ago came the Chinese company today made a formal statement confirming the customer complaints with details explained.

I mention the oneplus in its statement that the site already attacked through the malware was placed in the code page of the payment site this allowed the scammers access to the card numbers, credit expiration dates, security codes this information is enough to finish any purchase.

He added the company regrets strongly that there are about 40 thousand credit card was stolen information and use their own processes to steal that in the period from the middle of November 2017 11 January 2018 confirmed that it would try to communicate with the authorities and affected customers to deal with the issue in the most appropriate way possible .

Oneplus at the end of the statement reported that the apology is not for things like these occur but are no longer working on the push service safer will be announced in the coming days.


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