Oneplus announces headphones wireless at a reasonable price

Revealed the Chinese company oneplus in the event, which was held today and dedicated to detect the phone its new flagship oneplus 6 for headphones wireless bass Bullets Wireless is the first Bluetooth headphone wireless from the production company, will be on 5 June at a price of 69 $ (260 SAR/AED), which is a good price!

Come hear the Bullet Wireless design and performance of similar headsets ear Bullet V2 wired raised by the company in the past year, but there are some key differences where used to fish the new Bluetooth 4.1 to connect with the phone, therefore they require charging, but the good news here is that they use USB-C to do this.

It offers a USB-C port great speed in Shipping where you can get five hours of continuous use when Shipping the print for 10 minutes only, as he sings the adoption of the product carrying Cable for charging your headset along with the rest of the cables.

And supports headphones Bullets Wireless resistant to water and my ears hearing some of them through the partner around the neck, and puts the back of each ear magnets allowed related quick, and when it is stuck to them, are cut to the Bluetooth connection with your smartphone and turn off the sky, which helps to maintain the battery.

It can automatically reconnect the phone and continue to run a previous article or answer an incoming call directly when unplugging my ears hearing about some using the same technique of pairing quick approved in headphones Pixel Buds by Google.

Performs a long press ON/OFF button to activate the assistant, Google too, and oneplus as supplied sky with gives audio experience so special using codec Qualcomm aptX.

Come fish with three forms to buy the neck and ears hearing fit-all forms of the ear, will be fish available in the June 5 rule, and if you are gonna buy oneplus 6 of the company’s website, you’ll get to hear the Bullets Wireless free.

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