OnePlus 7 Pro screen will come《amazing》supports 5G

Use the OnePlus to launch the phone by the main hall, where the president emphasized the CEO of the company some of the rumors hinted at what to expect from the next machine which will have the name of OnePlus’s 7 Pro, which will support networks of the fifth generation 5G, although it did not disclose the price yet, it is expected to come at a price close case S10, Huawei P30 Pro, and iPhone XS, this will be the most powerful shift color plus, after the relative success of the large limited edition OnePlus 6T McLaren .

Where will the phone on the new screen, according to the president of the company, the OnePlus spend three times what you spend on display this year compared to the phones of the former, has said that when he saw her for the first time chuckled, adding it is ultra-soft and very fragile, and did not disclose the basic specifications yet, but the leaks and rumors about the screen already began to appear, the police comes at a rate Fast update very hesitantly 90Hz, just phones games such as Razer Phone 1 owns the screen faster.

And certainly it would be the OnePlus 7 PRO new higher cost of the OnePlus 6T, which in turn was the most expensive than its predecessor, meaning that the company abandoned its status as a major competitor in the phones field of medium or above medium, and the way in which he is the head of the company for the following phones expect that it will support the 5G, but they are also unaware of the limited availability of these networks these days and in the near future.

Most importantly, the new screen represents a large investment and risky for the color of the plus, you’ll be screen three times the usual price for most of the screens, as the company will some additions and amendments on the camera and other specifications in the new phone.

Source: the verge

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