OnePlus 7 Pro recorded higher sales of the Galaxy S10 Plus in the Chinese market

Confirmed location in China on the phone OnePlus representative of the OnePlus 7 Pro achieve sales of the top 10 times of phone Korean giant’s Galaxy S10 Plus.

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Deals with the Giants of the manufacturing of the phone to attract wider users list possible of smart phones, it is obvious to bring the phone success in the corporate headquarters, so it was also expected to excel and plus in sales of the OnePlus 7 Pro in China.

However, the company OnePlus has achieved success speculatively with phone OnePlus 7 Pro, which is planning the sales of the Galaxy S10 Plus the Samsung equivalent to 10 times according to location in the time that has made OnePlus sales reached 250372 unit of the phone OnePlus 7 Pro, Samsung recorded sales 23266 only her phone possible Galaxy S10 Plus.

Projections indicate that the large difference in pricing between the two phones is the main reason for OnePlus the sales of OnePlus 7 Pro, where comes phone OnePlus with a storage capacity of 256 GB at a price less than the Samsung with a storage capacity of 128 GB worth of 359 USD.

I have made versions of the OnePlus phones OnePlus 7 notable success since its launch first in the markets of China almost a month ago, where she managed to finish the first inventory need possible and then went to support the Chinese market will benefit further from other markets.


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