OnePlus 6T will system improved navigation is based on gestures, user interface a whole new

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Phone OnePlus 6T will be released at the end of this month, this is no secret, the company OnePlus itself has confirmed the date of the official announcement of this phone as it has deployed many of the advertising headline that assures us through some of the features that will come with a phone of its next flagship. Most recently, I was conducting an interview with an expert software in OnePlus on the official forums of the company, which is the interview where the disclosure of some important things.

In the beginning, revealed to us an expert software engineer in the company OnePlus, Mr. Szymon K that we should expect to see ” new user interface fully ” on the ROM OxygenOS, which will come with the phone OnePlus 6T. It is unclear what that means, but the company is ” the experience of fast and smooth, free of errors and sudden “. The objective here is ” the expression of design language, OnePlus ” in the user interface, making this version of the ROM OxygenOS is the most obvious and intuitive even now, “ at least according to this expert.

Secondly, revealed to us by Mr. Szymon K that will improve the system of gestures of the development the developer by the company. Added nod to new so will result in withdrawal from the bottom of the screen to the right to switch quickly to another application it was used. This feature was missing before in the system of gestures of the user in the phone OnePlus 6, so you can’t navigate between the latest used apps, and in fact this was one of the negatives that we’ve noticed in the reviews long for this device.

Generally, we will make sure everything about the phone OnePlus 6T when is the official unveiling expressed in day 30 of the month of October. So, don’t forget to come back to us then for full details.



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