OnePlus 6T slower than the iPhone XS, Max in the test performance

OnePlus 6T is the fastest Android smartphone on the market. The device is equipped with Snapdragon processor 845, 8 GB of RAM and 128 gigabytes of internal memory. The speed of the smartphone ahead of Google Pixel 3. However, this time our colleagues from PhoneBuff decided to compare the smartphone with the iPhone XS Max. The result will surprise many.

OnePlus 6T slightly gave the new iPhone

Here is a video with the testing of two devices:

What is the reason for the failure of the OnePlus? The main problem is the processor. The smartphone is equipped with the already outdated Snapdragon processor 845. Meanwhile, the iPhone XS Max is equipped with a next-generation processor Apple A12 Bionic. Performance 845-th it is not enough to compete with the new smartphone of Apple.

While OnePlus is failed a second round, which determines the optimization of software and the speed of memory. The smartphone is unloaded from memory two applications, while the new iPhone is just one. In truth, I was hoping that the second round due to the 8 gigabytes of the best on the market of Chinese smartphones will win, but something went wrong. Most likely, the reason for this faster memory NVMe iPhone, OnePlus 6T used UFC 2.1.

A few years ago, Android smartphones performance smartphones ahead of Apple. Now cupertinos market demonstrate their superiority in this sector. But this is temporary, because at the beginning of next year will start selling smartphones based on the Snapdragon processor 8150, and then we can talk about the full comparison. Now Apple outperforms the competition, and to deny this fact is difficult.

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