OnePlus 6 gets the update to Android 9.0

After the trial period didn’t last long, I started OnePlus officially in upgrade her phone last for 6 to the latest version of the Android system known predecessor on behalf of the Android Pie 9.0.

The company announced that the update will start access antenna users starting today, pregnant with a big pack of improvements and bug fixes and new features in addition to the latest package security from Google for the month of September 2018.

Hand the system will update the new user interface for Android Pie which support development across nodding as he sits to talk battery mode adaptive emoji new and all the advantages of Android 9.0 in addition to the advantages such as setting the games and no-hassle new.

If you own this phone you can begin your search for the update now with the confirmation B version fact you will get the name Oxygen OS 9.0 to match the number system this time.


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