OneNote gets dark mode, which will sync across platforms

تطبيق OneNote يحصل على الوضع المُظلم والذي سيتم مزامنته عبر الأنظمة الأساسية

These days become the method of the dark are increasingly popular, and it looks gorgeous, but it can also save battery on AMOLED screens, where he works on the reduction of the number of pixels that need lighting, generally starting some applications open the way to the dark, and then by popular demand, Microsoft is working currently on one application is OneNote, which will be available in all platforms.

And if you remember I got the service about a year ago from now on the comprehensive reform of new features as well as the changes visible, however the police never mentioned anything about the dark mode, even featured a preview version for the of on Windows to come with her attribute is dark and full posts.

Where we observed the normalization of the situation dark on all visual elements in OneNote except for the background paper, which remain white “at least in the moment,” interestingly, the settings will be saved in the Microsoft account of the user, which means that the operation mode Dark on your computer will also be applied to your phone.

تطبيق OneNote يحصل على الوضع المُظلم والذي سيتم مزامنته عبر الأنظمة الأساسية

Finally, the vice president of the Microsoft tasks the presence of water, hopefully to be released soon, though it is unclear whether users of Windows will have it first, or whether Microsoft will launch it on all operating systems at the same time, we we’ll expand things once you learn more we you directly.

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