One UI in Samsung Android 9 Pie found another important innovation

This week, fans of Samsung spoke about the new features of the updated shell UI One. The system has received the ability to block changes to the desktop. This means that no accidental operation is no longer shifted to the most important icons and widgets — everything will stay where they are. Feature is not new, but to find it in the settings of the launcher from the manufacturer nice. Now in One UI found another useful feature.

An update was received by the Gallery, according to officials Sammobile. Now images and videos from it are not deleted forever, but first go to the trash. Files there will be 15 days, and then will automatically disappear. This means that the user will have two weeks to restore the picture.

In the basket you can see all currently archived files. Delete them in one click — use the button in the top right corner.

The smartphone alone will be offered to enable the recycle bin when you first try to remove the image. Also activate its work in the settings of the gallery. To do this, find the “advanced” option and move the corresponding toggle switch.

Feature is not new — a similar solution is already quite long on iOS. With this iPhone clears the basket once a month.

Recall that in One UI from Samsung, there are other important changes. The most notable of them was a dark theme that paints in black almost all stock apps. The color change settings, calculator, calendar, gallery, notes, and more. The keyboard also becomes dark. To evaluate the updated look of the system obtained in this article.

Do you like the direction in which it moves the Samsung developers? Do you plan to buy a new device for the upgrade to Android 9 Pie? Share your answers in the comments under this article or Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

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