One Samsung shell UI for Android 9 Pie got a function, the dream of iPhone users

Yesterday to upgrade to Android 9 Pie from the owners of the Samsung was one reason more. We are talking about innovations sheath One UI, which now is partly aimed at extending the life of the battery. The system learned to watch out for unused applications and, if necessary, block them from background activity. This happens when a program will not start for 30 days. Every day user find all the new upgrades. This time was declared the mode “do Not disturb”.

This mode is not new. Owners of smartphones Samsung was able to use its benefits for muting calls, messages, alarms, and other sound notifications in Oreo and earlier versions of Android. However, not without drawbacks. The fact that the activation of the “do Not disturb” didn’t get rid of media playback. And so users still get the sounds- sometimes quite unnecessary.

Now the problem is solved, according to SamMobile. In One UI based on Android 9 Pie there is the option to selectively disable media sounds, alarm sounds and touching the screen.

The function is activated in the notification settings. Select mode “do Not disturb” and click on the exceptions tab, which is located inside including “Media”. If you remove the checkmark in all items of the device will play a sound even when playing video or music. The volume buttons do not help — the device will simply refuse to publish any sounds. To return to normal will have to disable the above-mentioned.

The chip is very relevant to the later scrolling social networking, especially when near someone sleeping. When mode is activated, the user’s hearing and others do no one will bother.

The owner of iOS, this feature is not available. In the “do Not disturb” iPhone will play the sound from videos on YouTube and in the Gallery, and Siri will not hesitate to answer in a loud voice. Maybe once on Apple street will be a holiday.

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