One Plus know about the phone McLaren OnePlus 6T officially

Announced One Plus partnership with company McLaren today on the phone to McLaren OnePlus 6T in the main the interests of luxury cars in the United Kingdom, where the phone was the product of a genuine partnership between the two companies with a clear difference between them in terms of specialization and mutual, but that the new phone came today with high specifications and take account of the principle of complementarity in the provision of the experience of MG for the products of both companies.

And speaking of McLaren OnePlus 6T it features a unique design, built the skills of both companies-coloured fruit of the tropical papaya orange lidded rear glossy carbon fiber plant, as for the specifications of the interior it holds a couple of specifications different to the original phone where the internal memory is 10 GB; which makes it the second smartphone to own this memory of random yet universal phone Black Shark from Shaw, as well as his own memory of the internal storage of 256 GB as talk about the techniques of charging for its battery-capacity 3700 mAh amp it is also characterized by the charging Warp Charge 30 up the phone to 50% Of shipping in a time of 20 minutes, to avoid the police, a promise I made to the same by providing this side of the province also on the temperature of the device during the rapid charging process and during use.

It will be available on December 13, being the beginning of North America, Europe and later in China, India, and the Scandinavian price is the highest between the copy phones and the other company until the moment $ 699$ but at the same time think the price is reasonable for the factory in partnership with one of the manufacturers of luxury cars.

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