One of the most popular launchers on Android has got two new features

A little over a month since then, by teslacoil Software, the developer of one of the most popular launchers for Android devices, has released Nova Launcher 6.0, and now to download through Google Play became available a completely new version. Nova Launcher 6.1 is not a major update like the previous one, but it has two important new features, as well as a small number of fixes.

If you do not know, in the news on Android, Google uses a dark color for cards news, but Nova Launcher for some reason, did not use this feature. Well, in the latest update, the developers have finally added support for dark mode and for screen Google Discover, which used to be called Google Now.

More importantly, Nova Launcher now has got the full support of labels notifications with figures. In the new update the launcher has eliminated the confusion with the number of unread notifications from an application due to inaccurate integration with the API of Android.

Adding dynamic notification icons in previous version of Nova Launcher provided users with the opportunity before the opening of the proposal to see that he’s got some notifications, but these notifications to see it was impossible, as the meter was not supported.

Generally created in Android Oreo the so-called function of Dots, made it clear to the users “green robot” that Google is not going to make its mobile OS is the same iOS-like interface when the icon on the app’s icon shows a full counter of unread notifications.

Function Dots in Android just shows a point on the icon of the application, without providing any information about how many unread notifications you have accumulated. However, in the new version of Nova Launcher has a function called Numeric Dots, and she, unlike stock Android, able to show the number, for example, unread messages, that, by itself, increases the ease of interaction with the system at times.

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