One of the most horrible ways to die from the point of view of science

Recently we wrote about the fact that according to researchers, some people can later go to sleep for fear of death. Regardless of whether it is specifically you or your loved ones, each of us is trying less to think about death, especially painful. Meanwhile, most of the deaths usually occur for natural reasons and relatively uneventful, but sometimes nature can be a truly horrible and cruel, giving science the unenviable task of separation — as there are different types of death. Thanks to the work of researchers we are able to know what type of death is the least preferred and why. Well, shall we go?

From death you will not escape anybody. So is it worth it to fear?

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What is death the worst?

So, from all types of death is very difficult to choose the worst. We spend a lot of energy to not think about death and get sad, but death is currently inevitable part of life. However, there is still no scientific consensus about what kinds of death we need to avoid. It is clear that life is full of chances, but still this information will be helpful as you think? Share your thoughts on this account with members of our Telegram chat. Perhaps many people think about what death is worse than others. Today deaths, of which dream nightmares, have some common characteristics, so that you can collect different scientific point of view and try to answer the question — what is death worse than others.

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Did scientist Paul Doherty and writer Cody Cassidy. And Yes, we have to inform you — in addition to death due to allergic reactions or shark attacks, Doherty and Cassidy came up with some fabulous, albeit frightening scenarios. Sometimes their answers may seem highly unlikely and even impossible, so we will share with you just some of them, say, as close to reality. Note that in the list of the least possible fell: death in the whale’s stomach, death from what you shoot out of a cannon in Niagara falls, and death in the event of a collision with a neutron star. All the answers are published in their joint book entitled And then you’re dead: What Really Happens If You Get Swallowed by a Whale, Are Shot from a Cannon, or Go Barreling over Niagara”.

Death due to lack of sleep

It is very difficult to achieve the target, but still possible. Nice a death it is impossible to call — for lack of sleep the human body will react by increasing blood pressure, mood changes, clouding of consciousness and hallucinations. The survival instinct will try to force a person to sleep, but if you stay awake for 11 days or more, organs will fail, and the immune system will be compromised, which will lead to inevitable death. Worst of all, lack of sleep makes us less tolerant to pain.

To be healthy we need to sleep every day

Death during a fire

There are different ways to burn alive. You can cook, burn at the stake or keep in a saucepan on the fire. Anyway, burning alive is unbearable. Yeah, it’s one of the worst ways to die. The skin starts to peel off, muscles will burn, and authorities could begin to boil or break down inside the body. As a result you bleed out, suffocate or die from shock and pain. Depending on the temperature of the air around the fire eye can boil in the skull or burn until you go blind. Of course, such a death occurs in a state of fear and panic.

Burning to death is one of the worst ways to die

Death from dehydration

You may have read that if you are lost in the sea or the desert, dehydration will quickly kill you. However, dehydration does not always occur quickly. It can take up to six days, during which you will experience almost constant suffering. In a state of severe dehydration, the body begins to use water from vital organs. The brain loses a lot of water, and since the brain controls everything, it will start to affect other organs. If this happens, will start the headaches and cramps throughout the body, and before you die, you go into a coma. Prior to that, the body will cease to understand how to eliminate waste, so the blood becomes more toxic. In the end, the ability to urinate and awareness of what is really going on will be lost.

Without water man can not live more than three days

Death in a falling Elevator

If you do not lie on your back and stay on his feet at the time of the fall of the Elevator, the internal organs can try to keep moving, even if the rest of the body does not. Because of this, bodies can leave the lower part of the body and limbs to break after impact. However, if the fall did not destroy the brain, a person can stay alive for quite a long time and see the contents of his stomach.

It is better to just walk down the stairs

Death from starvation

Body fat accumulates when you eat, but when you starve the body starts to eat fat. And when it’s all over, it will start to eat muscle. Then the body will gradually weaken, until the immune system fails, so you can get a variety of diseases. When the muscle is completely depleted, the vital organs apart from the inside. But can it get any worse? Without food the body begins to attack the heart. At this time, if the man survived death from cardiac arrest.

I would like that every person on the planet has been eating

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