One of the main opponents of bitcoin has recognized the potential of Bitcoin

Economist Nouriel Roubini is widely known among cryptoendoliths under the pseudonym of “Dr. Doom”. He was rewarded for his constant criticism of the industry of the blockchain. However, the conference Forum CC 2019 in London Roubini made his unusual statement — the economist acknowledged that Bitcoin partly can be considered as a means for capital accumulation.

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The cryptanalyst Tony Weiss noticed that Roubini makes “small steps” towards the endorsement of the cryptocurrency. We are talking about the quote of the economist, which he announced during the conference.

Perhaps Bitcoin is in part a tool for capital accumulation. However, he still cannot become full-fledged unit of account, besides the network of cryptocurrency is not able to properly scale. And although Bitcoin has grown significantly this year, its price has dropped almost 60 percent since reaching an annual maximum.

Roubini also said that is not a fan of the policy of Central banks. It stands for innovation in Finance, but did not consider useful the blockchain technology. According to the economist, it is possible to extract much more benefit from the integration of artificial intelligence and IoT-based technologies in the financial technology, rather than rely solely on cryptocurrencies.

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In addition, the expert stands against the mass tokenization. The abundance of tokens on the blockchain can only hurt the economy, as will throw her in the “stone age”. Even if some cryptocurrency will gain enough popularity among the people, it will crush the government of the States, as they will not allow to exist to competitors of national currencies.

At the same conference, Roubini participated in a debate with Roger Ver — a major fan of Bitcoin Cash. During the discussion, the economist in particular called the first cryptocurrency "big fake" and mentioned that most of the coins have lost most of its peak price. In General, the arguments were familiar.

It seems that even the haters are starting to recognize the superiority of Bitcoin. It’s time to buy more cryptocurrencies and subscribe to our chat cryptomerioides!


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