One of the best replacements for the standard dialer on Android

App to dial the number, which is also called the dialer or dialer is perhaps the simplest app in the entire Android system. It has a minimal set of functions to perform their simple operation — make and receive calls, which of course makes no problems. But third-party dialers for various reasons, are still popular, for example, because of the better interface and functionality.

One such alternative dialers for Android is Koler. This minimalistic app was created by one of the developers from XDA Developers under the name NuclearGandhi. Interface Koler entirely confined under the control of gestures, which makes it much more intuitive than any other dialer from Google Play, of which there are countless available.

In Koler all management is carried out gestures

Below, I will give everything available in Koler gestures.

Window dialer

Panel dialer — slide your finger up
To remove the air — Swipe left
Collapse pad — Swipe down

For an incoming call

To open the keyboard — Swipe up
Reject/end call — Swipe left
Reply — Swipe right
Send SMS — Swipe up on the SMS

Also in Koler has some interesting possibilities. So, for an incoming call you can reject and send the caller an SMS and make a call was automatically accepted after a certain amount of time. In addition to making the call, it is also possible to reject in advance after a specified number of seconds. The same can be set up and during a call.

Koler is an application open source

With Koler you can not worry about the safety of your data and information entered in the dialer, as it is an application open source, making it much more robust and secure than its counterparts. You can download Koler in Google Play from the link below.

Application: Koler
Developer: Chooloo
Category: Communication
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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