On the stock exchange Bittrex sued for stealing a million dollars in Bitcoins

Venture capitalist Greg Bennett filed a lawsuit on cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex for “unfair and deceptive acts which misrepresent the level of security of the trading platform”. Six months ago, Bennett was the victim of a hacker attack, which caused him loss in the amount of one million dollars.

It is reported that the hackers allegedly seized the mobile phone number of the victim and used it for authorization on the stock exchange on 15 April 2019. The attackers brought the digital assets of the investor and sold them cheaper than market value. Accordingly, with the sale of the stolen was not a problem.

The spoofing attack SIM card

Bennett said that the technical support division, Bittrex did not respond to the incident for two hours, which the hackers had enough time to withdraw funds. They tried to withdraw more, but the market eventually read the treatment of the victim in emails. In the lawsuit it States that to address such emergency issues with Bittrex can be contacted supposedly by e-mail only.

Source: 5GStore

Bennett’s interests in court are represented by the law firm Lane Powell. One of her lawyers, Dan Kite made a comment about the case.

As alleged in our complaint, Bittrex has ignored a number of factors that suggest that the person initiating the withdrawal was not a Greg Bennett. We plan to prove in court that Bittrex either ignored, or did not have standards to prevent such hacker attacks.

The exchange has not responded to the fact that the withdrawal was carried out with a different IP address. In addition, the marketplace has not taken any measures after hackers changed the password to the account of Bennett. Usually in such cases the withdrawal will be blocked for at least 24 hours.

This is another proof that storing money in the stock market is impossible. Otherwise you can stay without their cryptocurrencies and no one here will help. Be extremely careful when working with coins, and be sure to follow these five rules of anonymity in the network. They can help you.

The situation around the incident follow our cryptodata.


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