On the occasion of the World Cup.. “LG” use by”hazem emam” to promote for “the fox”

Without ko: $ 200 million export volume “LG” TV made in Egypt

He said without Koo, CEO of LG Egypt, the company exports up to 200 million dollars from the production of the television through the company’s factory tenth of Ramadan, which bear the slogan “made in Egypt”.

Added without ko -on the sidelines of the press conference held by the company’s declaration to choose the Star of the Egyptian ball and a board member of the Egyptian Federation of football and a player of Zamalek and the national team of Egypt, former ambassador of their products from television that works with “OLED” in Egypt – added that is exported the company’s products manufactured in Egypt to what is approaching from 15 Arab countries by local manufacturing of more than 40%, which confirms the confidence in the Egyptian economy.

According to the agreement with the firm and the Imam would say “The Fox” by promoting the products of LG screens “OLED” such as Egypt’s participation in the events of the FIFA World Cup in Russia, with a focus on special features offered by those screens to the viewer, which ensures the viewing experience closer to reality as a result of points the techniques of the image provided by that technology.

Explained CEO of LG in Egypt to the new production of the TV, which was launched today will be there next Sunday at competitive prices, confirming that TV OLED won the award for the best in various global competitions, and also received the quality certificate from NASA.

Noted ko to that of LG in Egypt has a 1500-factor in a straightforward manner, and is expected to increase this number during the coming period, indicating a good relationship between the company and the Egyptian government which qualifies them to expand their investments in the Egyptian market.

Launched LG on the new screens made specifically for the factory Fox or “the fox”.

And partnership with hazem emam said without ko, we are glad to our cooperation with the star hazem emam to promote our products from the screen of the LG “OLED”, it ships right because he combines considerable experience in the field of football, love of the Egyptian public, in addition to being the admin interface used by LG in their campaign to World Cup 2018 in Egypt, today, consumers are looking to devices screens LG’s “OLED” they represent the future technology for TVs, it exceeds its rivals phases, and including technical devices, liquid crystal displays, Including generating a superior image, as well as their elegant design the thinnest in the world.”

Commented star hazem emam Board member of the Federation of Egyptian football player and Zamalek and the national team of Egypt, former ambassador of the screens LG’s “OLED” in Egypt, saying: “I’m glad, in cooperation with LG Electronics in this campaign possible, I am also a fan of the screens of LG’s “OLED” and make sure to follow the match ball by not offering an enjoyable viewing experience and fun, I realize that the vast majority of designers will not have the opportunity to travel to Russia to encourage the national team there, so LG is offering them a series of products, LG “OLED” that will enable them to get closer to the event closer to reality.”

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