On the iPhone appeared service per-minute car insurance

Have you noticed how the rapidly developing so-called “per minute” services? This is not surprising because many have already come to the conclusion that they don’t need your car every day. Why pay for what you do not use? However, unfortunately, not all companies are ready to meet their users and give them the opportunity to save money.

Take the same motor insurance policy. It is necessary to issue at least from reasons of safety of the car (and if the machine is taken on credit, this is a mandatory condition of purchase). However, due to the fact that the policy is purchased once a year, you lose much, if any time, do not use the car (in Moscow is especially important) — insurance companies often take into account that you will be on the move 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Until recently, to get rid of this “insurance slavery” was impossible, but then the App Store appeared Annex “minute-by-Minute insurance” from StarLine (Yes, it’s quite a well-known manufacturer of protective systems for vehicles). The essence of the service is very simple: once you are in the vehicle, launch the app and pay insurance only for the time when actually using the machine. The program defines whether you are in traffic or standing in traffic, and depending on this, adjusts the cost of insurance. Going on a trip? Simply press the “Start” button, and on arrival – the “Stop”button.

For example, the cost of insurance while driving my Skoda Octavia will amount to 1.63 rubles per minute (when the mode of travel) and 0.82 rubles, if it suddenly got stuck in traffic. Price depends on brand, model, capacity and year of the car, age and experience of the driver. Final expense insurance can be determined after the completion of each trip so you can see not only the final cost, but the discount for safe driving and safe route.

And if the car is just standing, it is not protected?

The basic principle of the service — just pay separate insurance on the Parking lot and while driving. Therefore, the monthly payment for insurance fixed in the Parking lot, and the car is always protected from theft and damage. On average, protection on Parking costs about 1-2 % of the value in year I, for example, it is about 673 per month.

This is generally beneficial?

How! For example, Hyundai Solaris 2018 release while driving experience of 3 years regular hull insurance will cost 39 000 per year. If use minute-by-minute insurance StarLine, you can save almost 15 000. It will cost about 24 000, of which 9 000 — insurance on the Parking lot, and the rest — insurance in movement.

This service primarily benefits people who do not use the car all day (and there are very few people): the wife sits behind the wheel only when going with the baby to visit, to shop or to the doctor, the parents go to the country a few times a season and so on. If still in doubt, the app offers a go in demo mode (time unlimited) to understand how much it will cost to you insurance. Without any payment. So much easier to calculate your savings (and it will be, and rather big).

Life hack: this insurance option is ideal for owners of credit cars from the second year of ownership. Usually the first insurance when buying a car on credit is bought in and is very expensive. From the second year you have the opportunity to use the service per-minute insurance. The car will always be insured in the Parking lot, and insurance while driving runs if needed.

How to start using

To make a request directly from the app (link below), after which the representative of the insurance company itself will come at a convenient time and place, inspect the car and give you the policy. It should be noted that insurance services are provided by companies-partners, StarLine for its part provides a convenient functionality. Replenish your account in the mobile app and go! Only works while in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region, but the developers promise that the list of cities will be constantly updated.

The service is really interesting (and beneficial), now there are no analogues. Conveniently, the app is for both iPhone and Android, because no matter what you have a smartphone, you can use the minute insurance.

Name: StarLine Insurance
Publisher/developer: StarLine LCC
Price: Free
Compatibility: For iPhone
Reference: Install

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