On Samsung smartphones will be advertising?

The company Samsung is actively promoting goods and services using their smart TVs seem to have decided to implement something similar in their other products. For example, tablets and smartphones. On the website of the intellectual property Office of the European Union there is a document in which appears a new trademark registered by South Korean industrial giant. To broadcast advertising on smart TVs, Samsung uses a special application called Samsung Ads. And, apparently, this app has another version, designed for mobile devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

It is called Samsung Mobile Ads, so some guesses about its purpose suggests itself. In addition, in the description of svejeprigotovlennogo trademark says that it refers to software specifically designed for smartphones and tablets.

However, Samsung itself has not commented on the trademark and its purpose. Therefore, despite the description, with absolute certainty that this app will do so. Apparently, to find out for sure, will have to wait for its release. Despite the fact that the company has not yet announced the appearance of advertising on tablets and smartphones, some analysts and journalists believe: the ads will appear in the new version of our GUI OneUI for Android, developed by Samsung for their own mobile devices.

The portion of the document in question.

Some are already considering in advance of the introduction of advertising as a fait accompli and calls to boycott such a decision, while there are those who the possible presence of advertising does not bother. In the end, it is present in many mobile apps, but people still use them. Also in the illustrative example Xiaomi and its MIUI GUI, which has long been using advertising. To call it too Intrusive, according to users, is difficult, and the operation of the system it does not affect, however, like it is clearly not for everyone. Those she is very annoying, just disable it in the settings of the shell. Will Samsung have the ability to disable ads – the same question that is impossible to answer.

Another, quite fantastic assumption, associated with the new trademark is that advertising will not appear on all devices, but only on budget gadgets. However, until Samsung announced the introduction of advertising in your shell, all the scenarios described above though, and have a right to exist, still remain rumors, which had grown quite innocent until the fact of registration of the trade mark, which, by the way, like a patent, for example, is not always used.

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