On her birthday 15.. Facebook unify messaging between WhatsApp, Instagram or Master

Intended to Facebook Facebook unite messaging features between the application that owned, WhatsApp, Instagram user, i.e. to user WhatsApp contacts will enable him to start a conversation with the user of Instagram Instagram or Messenger Messenger, and Messenger or Instagram can send an encrypted conversation from one person to another have your WhatsApp account only, with the that both Messenger and Instagram and WhatsApp will remain separate apps on the Home screen.

Uniformity between messaging or consolidation plan, which seeks to Facebook between apps and messaging, which in its initial phase and will be completed in 2020, come to break down the barriers between the social platforms on Facebook, keeping users within the Facebook, which will celebrate next month the birth of her 15th.

As Facebook seeks to merge to build the best experiences and messaging that can be done, as reported in its statement, which said: “people want to be messaging fast, simple, reliable, and especially, so we want to develop the best products that make the process of exchange of messages the best you have”.

Although Facebook believes that the integration of messaging between the app and the idea is more than great, but that this idea was the cause of the many differences at the management level, the cause of the departure of the founders of “WhatsApp” and”Instagram” last year about the company.

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