On Coinbase started trading zcash for. Will there be growth?

Back in November one of the most famous cripture Coinbase has added support for confidential cryptocurrency zcash for, but the trade still was impossible. Today for some types of clients have the opportunity to buy, sell, send, receive and store zcash for. However, it should be noted that these trends are not yet available traders from new York and the UK. Based on the information in the official blog, these jurisdictions will be added later. This step is consistent with the plans of the exchange for adding more digital assets in order to increase the attractiveness to users.

What zcash for?

Zcash for the cryptocurrency, which uses latest achievements in the field of cryptography and allows users to make transactions with a high level of confidentiality. As NewsBTC writes, the distinction between “transparent” and “shielded” transactions zcash for resembles the difference between HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Thus, clear or “transparent” version of the Protocol allows third parties to view the metadata of a transaction, as encrypted or “shielded” version hides this information.

According to the exchange, users will be able to enter zcash for on Coinbase in any Protocol at their discretion. However, to avoid unwanted attention from regulators to withdraw funds at first will be possible only through a vulnerable transaction.

The US government vs anonymous cryptocurrency?

It is noteworthy that the news about the zcash for listing appeared a few hours after reports of a new tough bill the US government for such an anonymous cryptocurrency, as zcash for, Monero and Dash.

As in the updated document zcash for mentioned separately, such a step Coinbase seems a little strange, as the exchange always tried to meet the requirements of regulators.

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