Olixar reveal a portfolio designed specifically for the Galaxy A80 Samsung

There is no doubt that the development of the design of the smart phones is a challenge for manufacturers to provinces to develop widgets that are compatible with this development, the company Olixar revealed her vision for the design of widgets that are compatible with the design of the unit slider in the Galaxy A80.

Galaxy A80 Olixar Slim Genuine Leather Wallet case

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Samsung unveiled released Your of widgets that are compatible with the design of her phone rollaway Galaxy Fold, which came at the price of $ 120 it is priced high but that level is available the pricing of the phone that up to $ 2000 almost.

On the other hand, made the Korean giant recently Galaxy A80 which came unit sliding includes full control editable, which is a funky design sure but he’s one of the versions available from Samsung so expected to come widgets compatible with this design at a price consistent with the level of pricing of the phone.

And I started Olixar already in detection seen in the design of the widgets for this phone, where she presented a portfolio design the leather and design is flexible, where comes the need to design extends even to the edge of the cable car and then call the article transparent that reveal the author, but with this design the exposed side of the Galaxy A80 when operating buttons and control the acoustics.

It is estimated that the available holster leather phone Galaxy A80 at a price of $ 22, almost, Where are now available on the website of the Olixar official, while the second form of portfolio Olixar at a price of 7 $ only, where you expect more than the color of the users.


I know of

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