Old friends: how acne Buterin and Justin San almost became a partner in Ripple

Tron and the Ethereum competitors, so Justin San and acne Buterin are supposed to oppose each other. However, the first recently hinted at a possible collaboration between the projects. If not for one small detail in the past two inventors, Buterin and San could have become colleagues. And not just anywhere, but in Ripple.

A series of interesting coincidences

Acne Buterin only 25 years old, and he already manages one of the largest projects in the industry. Justin Sana almost thirty, he could promote their ideas to the whole world. Both of them can be called the youngest successful businessmen in the field of cryptocurrency.

Seven years ago, 18-year-old Buterin first appeared in the crypt with his Bitcoin Magazine. After the success of the publication promising specialist was offered an internship in Ripple. Vitalik agreed to participate in the development of coins, but the difficulties with the U.S. visa forced him to change his mind.

Interesting fact: I tried to become an Intern in Ripple, but I didn’t want to issue a visa because at that time the company was only 9 months (2013).

Around the same time period in the walls Ripple Labs worked one Justin San, the future founder of Tron. The career of Justin as a sub lasted from December 2013 to January 2016.

When I learned about it from @justmoon at the beginning of 2014, I thought we would become friends, as would have been the only millennial in Ripple!

Very interesting, as would have been the fate of the stock market in such a scenario. To discuss more facts from the past Baterina and Sana in our cryptodata. Also look into the rating of coinsto know about the situation on the market. Within capitalisation projects, the movements for the day and graphics. Data is updated regularly, so drop out of the cryptocurrency trend will fail.


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