Officially update VLC 3.0 supports hardware Chrome Dreamcast and more

رسميًا تحديث VLC 3.0 يدعم أجهزة الكروم كاست وأكثر

رسميًا تحديث VLC 3.0 يدعم أجهزة الكروم كاست وأكثر

About less than two weeks, provided the company VideoLAN, and she is the author of the video player rich from the definition VLC, the trial application of the Android devices support Chrome cast. Now water has become a formal and stable, through the new update of VLC 3.0, also available on all operating platforms, other “iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple TV, Android TV”.

In the same context, the company announced that it fixed nearly 1500 error during the development stage for the past three years, and through this new version will be the amendment on the wording of the media automatically, along there is a new support group of the formula, most notably the HDR وWebVTT وTTML وHQX 3D audio and video 360 ° in addition to dumped the DVD .evo and accuracy of the 8K also.

As it became called to delete the external media for Android version 5.0 the latest after it was available on Android oreo. In turn, explain to the company why took long time to destroy devices the chromecast, where he indicated that the reason for the distinct interests of open the VLC. Finally include the other changes in this new version support better operating system Chrome Samsung Dixie and improve the speed and performance of application response.


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