Officially unveiled on ear headphones wireless Redmi AirDots, the cost of$ 15 only


The Xiaomi company detects a set of wireless earbuds real in recent years, and now has its brand sub Redmi detects wireless headphones new the ear called the Redmi AirDots. The interesting thing in these wireless headsets is they cost 99 Chinese yuan only the equivalent of 15 USD. This is a very reasonable price Bluetooth headsets completely wireless.

Technically, headphones Redmi AirDots use the headphones Xiaomi AirDots revealed by the Xiaomi company a few years ago. Thus, this means you get the same features. Based on what we know so far, this is the new heavens coupled with mobile devices via Bluetooth 5.0 and loudspeakers with a diameter of 7.2 mm. Moreover, they come with a processor’s digital signals ( DSP ) built to assess the ambient noise. It is not clear whether these headphones actually cancel noise, but the odds say it only works in the case of calls.


There are elements to account for the above you can click twice on the surface of the heavens to call the digital assistant. According to Xiaomi, these headphones even work with the digital assistant Siri on the iPhone, and with the digital assistant Google manager in Android phones.

Can for Redmi AirDots to work for about 4 hours before needing a recharge, but the box gives it an additional 12 hours of listening to music. It should be noted that it can charge the batteries built-in headphones Redmi AirDots itself within an hour and a half, while you need the battery built-in to two hours to fully charge. Weigh all the headset 4.1 grams only.

You’ll be headphones Redmi AirDots available in China as of 9 April. You can find it in the official App Store for the company. It’s available in black only, and if you want to get it in white, you’ll have to buy the Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition at twice the price.


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