Officially unveiled for the Galaxy Note9 here’s a video first look and all the details

This topic officially unveiled for the Galaxy Note9 here’s a video first look and details appeared on Engadget.

Was officially announced today on the phone, note 9 at a special event in New York City and is available for pre-order two copies. Version 6 GB RAM with 128 GB of storage or 8 GB RAM with 512 GB of storage capacity with the knowledge that each version will give you the option to partner the two in contact with the possibility of replacing the chip a second memory external. And the phone holds a standard IP68 waterproof and dust, as the phone supports fast charging technology and wireless charging technology.


And the phone comes available in a number of different colors such as blue and black and purple there is also a copper color, but unfortunately will not be available in the Saudi market and the beautiful thing is that will be accompanying the color of the phone with the color of the pen recycled blue phone will come with distinctive color and is the Color Yellow.

And the phone comes with a thickness and weight significantly compared to the phone note 8 where will the phone comes with a thickness of 8.8 mm and weight of 201 grams, and are to be found, a problem with the sky and the weight because it is increasing the battery capacity to become a 4000 Milli-amp and the screen instead of what was to come with 6.3 inch became 6.4 inches, and that by reducing the area of the frame at the bottom of the screen of the mobile phone. As it became less likely, and that’s because over the border in the screen of the mobile phone is becoming less.

Also added a layer of glass of the type grollia 5 in the front and rear of phone with a frame of metal. And you will notice that the phone camera would come in black for now, will come the same concept of the color of the phone and that was placed tangentially and the bottom come the technique of fingerprint.

The screen

And it comes with a Super AMOLED display and HDR and strictly Quad HD and at 6.4 inches. You will find all the techniques that you want to exist in this screen where there is no problem at this point. And among these techniques, the technique of the blue filter and that allows you to read for long periods without eye fatigue. And like what we are used of Samsung, is one of the best companies that will offer you a excellent screen in the world of smart phones.

Performance and battery

You will be running a phone with android OS 8.1 core Exynos processor 9810, but some states will run the phones through snapdragon 845. And the company has developed a cooling system in the phone where the use of carbon instead of a decrease of the silicon and that the dimensions of the heat faster.How to sink your stones become three times larger than the heat sink of the ordinary user in many mobile phones where Samsung is providing everything needed to banish feelings of heat from the Processor to a better performance.

In addition to that Samsung on the exploitation of a property of artificial intelligence to adjust the processor performance depending on the game you will run on the phone. And for the battery, will come with battery capacity of 4000 mAh amp and that can be shipped through the fast charging technology, or through wireless charging technology. And in addition added mode to maintain the battery to choose the most appropriate mode for you.

The camera

As for cameras, they come with the same concept of the existing cameras on the phone s9 plus where will the phone comes with a camera Double at the rear and 12-megapixel and comes they both come with cruise control with optical as you will there is an option to export a 4K video to 60 fps. The front camera comes with 8 megapixels and that’ll you’ll have to export the video strictly Quad HD and for the development of the camera will be the same new interface that appeared in the phone s9 plus and that allows you to control the status of the export is different.

The new thing added Samsung and which differs from what is in the phone s9 plus is that they focused heavily on the properties of artificial intelligence so that added property to adjust the camera according to the scene that will depict it where added in the time-current discrimination between the 20 scene.

The s Pen

Comes technical pen with the same concept of what came in the phone Galaxy Note8. But the new thing, is the pen the same where you will notice and having battery life for when you go to the settings so that the pen supports Bluetooth technology. And I mentioned the Samsung if you shipped it to 40 seconds will give you the time of running of 30 minutes where you will be shipped the pen through and put in place ad hoc to the phone. In addition you can use the pen as a tool for development in several things such as the transition between the pictures and the Run and pause the video.

Pre-booking for the phone now and you can order the phone already in Saudi from this link to Book now


This topic officially unveiled for the Galaxy Note9 here’s a video first look and details appeared on Engadget.

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