Officially unveiled about the design and specifications and features of Xiaomi phone Mi9


Xiaomi phone Mi9 will be released officially in two days, but the company is very proud with her phone the new flagship, it has actually a suspense for everything interesting in the phone. In a series of posts, revealed to us the police about the colors, and technical specifications of the rear camera of the tripartite along with the wireless charging technology, the sensor of fingerprints, hair, and some other features.

The rear camera of the tripartite phone Xiaomi Mi9 will sensor is essential to accurately 48 megapixels the post size of 0.8 µm, which leads to output images accurately 12 megapixels. For the sensor in this camera background of the tripartite, it is the accurately 16 megapixels features lens viewing angle is very wide up to 177 degrees and unzip 2.2. As for the second camera and last, it incorporates a sensor of 12 megapixels with a lens close to a girl 2.2. Will support this camera background of the tripartite by a laser auto focus.

When it comes to the network wireless, phone Xiaomi Mi9 will charge wirelessly at speeds up to 20 watts, at least if we can trust some of the video clips that have been leaked. Regardless of the backend, it turns out further that the Xiaomi phone Mi9 will feature AMOLED display made by Samsung +FullHD is the bottom sensor of the fingerprint, and this is the screen with features such as Reading Mode 2.0 and Sunlight Mode 2.0 to improve readability in all conditions.

You will have Xiaomi phone Mi9 great sound quality so that would be the speakers. For gaming enthusiasts, they will enjoy with the Game Turbo, which is the solution developed by Xiaomi company to enhance the performance of the central processor and the performance processor graphics to provide the game experience smoother.

Will protect the Xiaomi phone Mi9 through the use of the sixth-generation layer of Gorilla Glass, protecting the lens of the camera, the three in back with sapphire. Will Xiaomi phone Mi9 is available in three different colors include Lavender Violet and Ocean Blue, and Piano Black.


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