Officially Uber take on the cream compared to $ 3.1 million and sold it as a brand independent

رسمياً أوبر تستحوذ على كريم مقابل 3.1 مليار دولار وتبقي عليها كعلامة تجارية مستقلة

The company announced the cream a few minutes ago via her blog to complete the process of acquisition by its rival Uber, to do this is to integrate the services of the two companies and in the service of the house once renovations are shared, as noted cream it will retain a mechanism of action independent of the content of the brand is possible, as well as applied own, but will be under the leadership of AWeber.

As the company indicated in its statement to the successive development of which sector delivery services especially in the integration of technology and modern techniques, so they need to exploit the possible means in order to service its area of operation a fast-growing, vibrant, so they see to unite its efforts with AWeber will increase the ability to improve the structure of transportation infrastructure and providing transportation and delivery of diverse payment options series.

Having concluded the company’s statement by paying tribute to the ability of AWeber service events positive impact in the areas of its work; as she expressed how the campaign is coming under the badge of the joint work, emphasizing the purpose of the foundation in streamlining the ways of life and the Preservation Foundation is an inspiration to all.

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