Officially : to stop you need Phone Essential

Officially : to stop you need Phone Essential

After the rally didn’t last only a year and a half ago, I know the company that stands behind phone essentials it’s a sign you need to once and for all, willing to develop new products.

Phone that saw the light of day in the summer of 2017 , stood behind Mr. Andy Rubin senior Google staff ex, who broke up with the search giant he founded the company bearing the name of the phone itself (Essential) .

Earlier in the day, it was observed that the phone was out of stock in most retail locations, including the location of Essential etc., before the company confirms in a statement that it will not produce more of them .

Officially : to stop you need Phone Essential

During the past months, the police tried to broadcast more life in phone sales by reducing its price , more than once, and also reduce the price of accessories. such as camera separate .

The company said it will not hinder the production of the phone after the entry into force of the current inventory and the end of sales of the holiday season.

For those who use the phone, the company confirmed once again that the updates will continue, and the phone was one of the first phones Android that got the issue a 9.0 after a few days of its release.


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