Officially: the start of the initial launch of Dubai for digital mCoin and participation is now open in front of everyone

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بدء الطرح الأولي من دبي للعملة الرقمية mCoin والمشاركة مفتوحة الآن أمام الجميع

Announced Christopher Richardson, co-founder and CEO of the ratings of the British, which is taken from Dubai silicon oasis headquarters, regional, officially announced the start of the initial launch of the coin mCoin is the first digital currency can be dealt with outside of the internet. This came during his address to the Global Forum baluchi, held recently in Dubai. He also announced the launch of portfolio. default which will enable the user to save and send and receive coin mCoin digital, without connection to the Internet using any type of regular phones.

mCoin is now available to everyone

Come digital currency mCoin product of long years of development for the platform. the revolutionary and innovative services that operate through them, which will allow billions of mobile users not connected to the internet dealing.

Richardson said that the inclusion of mCoin in a number of trading platforms the digital currency will start as of mid-July of 2018, will be announced the names of the product with end stage of the initial survey.

He stated that the Earth will launch its own platform during the coming year 2019 will be the first platform hybrid in the world can buy and sell mCoin with or without Internet connectivity, and will be at a later stage be made available to the rest of the digital currencies.

Featuring mCoin being available with the technique of allocation of financing by 5.8 million mobile Internet users of whom 3 million are not connected to the internet, and mCoin with services. that have been developed which include a number of social applications and commercial such as Sweb and Market Place and mCatalogue.

In a meeting the press earlier, said m. Hatem Ibrahim, co-founder and Director of the operating. if the coin mCoin based on a business model based on partnerships of local and regional enhance the value of the currency, and that this model of coin mCoin does not conflict with any systems, financial list, but call to make mCoin an integral part of the system process the list of supported services of the Ratings, the most important service Sweb small and medium business, where there are more than 300 million business around the world need this service help in increasing revenue and communicating with customers via the work with or without Internet connectivity.

Trading and investment in the initial launch of coin mCoin now you can do so via the following link of the official website of the company and is available in several languages including Arabic:

Officially: the start of the initial launch of Dubai for digital mCoin and participation is now open in front of everyone.

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