Officially the game ROME: Total War – Alexander is available on Android and iOS

After that it has been made available for pre-order earlier, here’s the game ROME: Total War – Alexander Up officially for all users.

رسميًا لعبة ROME: Total War - Alexander متاحة على أندرويد و iOSOfficially the game ROME:TotalWar-Alexander is available on Android and iOS

It seems that Feral is situated Interactive were too busy to grant its outlets portable series ROME: Total War, where in December 2018, has been version of Total War on the Google Play Store for users of the Android operating system, and then in June 2019, was signed for the issuance of ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion, and as of today, the third expansion to the owner of the title ROME: Total War – Alexander is available to all users of Android and iOS.

It is reported that the company Feral is situated Interactive has previously announced its intention to launch its game this the 24th day of the month of October, and that’s what really happened, where it met the company keep its promise and launched the game officially, as we have indicated, the new game is the second expansion of the stand-alone version of mobile from ROME: Total War, which is gathered through the game is tough for players to rebel, so that we have the leadership of the kingdom of Macedonia and Greece through Central Asia to the Persian Empire.

On the other hand, also, this game includes more than 50 units are unique, of course, set controls to play with a touchscreen, but not to be free, where it’s available for purchase once the price of 4.99$, not include any ads or any operations of purchase and boarding.

Finally, if you want to jump to the three-dimensional enormous experience in the battlefield is dynamic, with thousands of units at work, the ROME: Total War – Alexander is the latest title in this regard, and you can try it on Android and iOS now.

Download the game ROME: TotalWar – Alexander on the Android system.

Download the game ROME: TotalWar – Alexander on the iOS system.

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