Officially: the game PUBG coming to PS4 systems in the December 7

لعبة PUBG قادمة إلى أجهزة PS4 في 7 ديسمبر

Fan of the famous game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds known as PUBG it will be on the big date at the 7 December, where the Company developer of the game launched on game consoles Sony PS4 a year after launch on Xbox.

Of course, unlike the main contender Fortnite, the game will be driven, so that the players have to pay 30$ to buy the core game, you’ll have to pay$ 50 to buy a copy to stay ” Survivor”, and 60$ to buy a copy of Champions ” Champion”. It will also enable the company today application process prior to buy the currency of the ” G-Coin” and other additions before the release of the game.

You’ll have the game on most of the advantages available on Xbox and windows, but it will be of a different nature because of the quality of the device, as that play will Virtual Reality technology on devices PS4 Pro which gives a different atmosphere to play.

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