Officially – Telephone Mi Max 3 – Large Screen, huge battery, and the price is great!

Announced trap Shawty formally for a phone Xiaomi Mi Max 3 bulk phone in the smart phone market screen Large the adult measurement of 6.9 inches. Next to the big screen, come to phone Mi Max 3 battery is huge and features a similar specification phone Xiaomi Note 5 while maintaining a suitable price to the public!

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 بجانب الآيفون

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 next to the iPhone

The screen of Xiaomi Mi Max 3 – measurement of the 6.9-inch Full HD Plus density of pixels up to 350 pixels per inch, with dimensions of by 18:9, the screen is big competition is watch the video and games because the screen convergence screen tablet devices that start from the 7-inch and also with the battery is huge amounting to a capacity of 5500 mAh amp.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

As for the specifications they are similar to the specifications of Galaxy Note 5 that announced by Shaw earlier this year, the address is Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 eight-core frequency of 1.8 GHz and RAM size of 4 or 6 GB with storage capacity of 64 or 128 GB.

The camera in the phone Xiaomi Mi Max 3 dual 12-megapixel girl Lens f/1.9 with an area of pixels of 1.4 micron camera supporting infrastructure also provide DualPixel, and rear camera secondary 5-megapixel front camera girl Lens F/2.0, front camera 8 megapixel.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Phone Xiaomi Mi Max 3 supports fourth generation networks, and Bluetooth 5.0, and WiFi Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and USB-C port and another port for headphones, as that is running Android 8.1 one MIUI 9.5 the benefits of artificial intelligence, including identification of the viewer and improved and also facial recognition and improved selfie.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

For those interested in buying the phone we would tell them that its dimensions are 176 mm length x 87 mm work with the thickness of 8 millimeters and a weight of 220 grams, and will be available in three colors: blue, black, and gold. The price starts from 250 USD a copy (4 GB RAM/ 64 GB storage) and$ 300 version (6 GB RAM/ 128 GB storage capacity).

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