Officially: Sony reveal details of PlayStation 5

After the dialogue, summarized by the magazine Wired, Sony revealed for the first time officially about the details of the next generation of PlayStation; and reiterated its support for the accuracy of 8K display and surround sound and tweak the SSD storage is faster and compatibility with games for PlayStation 4.

Updates include upgrades to core assets, most notably the adoption of the second generation of AMD processor Ryzen Core 7 nm card fees operations rate depends on the foundations of the Radeon Navi to provide tracking rays that play a big role in improving the accuracy of the graphics.

And provide the advantage of surround sound or three-dimensional, which enhances the user’s sense of the environment of the games, it will be by AMD processor the new call to a dedicated unit, and sensor difference whether speakers of the TV or headphones, other than the accuracy of the 8K that requests the screen supports the resolution of the display.

Will replace Sony hard drive “HDD” to the extent a solid state “SSD”, what will increase significantly the speed of the load in response to the games; downloading Game Spiderman been 4 takes 15 seconds to connect usually, but the same game on the PlayStation 5 took 0.8 seconds according to the experience of Wired magazine.

Because PlayStation 5 shares its core design with the previous generation, it will run games for the PlayStation 4, this will not prevent the availability of digital copies or the material assigned to each device.

Finally, Sony confirmed that they do not intend to launch the PlayStation 5 by 2019, which corresponds to the missed to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo E3, so it’s on the large will be the official announcement of the PlayStation 5 next year.

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