Officially service VPN Unlimited is now available on Opera browser in Android

رسميًا خدمة الـ VPN الغير محدودة متاحة الآن على متصفّح أوبرا في أندرويد

In the past month announced the Opera for the intention to evoke the feature “Opera VPN” as an attribute or a key tool in the browser its Opera on the Android platform, where it is known that the company was not a separate application comes with this feature, but for some reason has been dispensed and remove it from the shop Google Play as well as the App Store, then this feature was only available in the demo version of the browser, and now officially becoming available to all users all over the world.

As announced opera today launched a version of “Opera 51” in its final form, and used with the advantage of the VPN, which in turn would make it difficult for the websites or internet service providers from tracking the use of the internet, and in this regard the company has indicated that it will log the information transmitted via the service, which are free and unlimited and do not come with any requirement management facility record, in addition to this there is no restriction on use VPN with Opera in terms of duration or consumption data.

As for usability, users can here users to choose between servers Europe, America and Asia, there is also an option called “optimization” in the VPN settings that determine automatically the best path for the company depending on the location of users, and apparently to enable the VPN will deactivate the feature to save data built-in Opera browser.

Also comes this version of the browser with the option to deactivate a VPN in the draft, allowing search engines to show more relevant results, depending on the location of the user, in addition, can choose to activate the VPN automatically only when you open the private tab, and finally update Opera 51 up gradually to users, and you can download it to move to the page of the store Google Play from here, and in the case of non-arrival you can download file the APK update from here.

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