Officially one Poco Launcher available for all

رسميًا لانشر Poco Launcher متاح للجميع

A phone has become a Pocophone F1 of Shao points compared with the Android phones, especially flagship phones, perhaps one of the most important points of comparison is the operating interface next to him, where instead of coming to one MIUI familiar, it was replaced with a new one fully loaded the name of the Poco, in the same context has been made available fact as a separate Store, Google Play last month as a demo version.

Since that time to the present day have downloaded the app with almost half a million installed process, in addition to a third extra with the APK file of the special place, and today officially been announced to make the car officially for all users of Android, out of its experimental stage “beta”.

In relation to advantages coming with it hard, and its support for customization full, oncoming it with main interface is extremely simple, there is an element of the extended search, support changing colors, icons customize transparency, as well as the ability to assemble applications based on category, and support the applications icons to “External”, a startling number of individual settings simple.

Finally more worthy to refer that you don’t need to phone Pocophone F1 to experience the car, I was interested in his experience don’t hesitate to download the official release and stable from here, or download it as an APK from here.

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