Officially – launch of the first beta version of Android Q on some phones!

At the time I didn’t up update Android 9 Pie to a large number of phones yet, Google officially started to test the beta version of the operating system Android Q on some phones.

إطلاق النسخة التجريبية الأولى من Android Q على بعض الهواتف

The launch of the first beta version of Android Q on some phones

This demo version was not surprising, as I thought Google starting to test its new system in March of each year, and as usual I started the trial version in the access to the developers only, and then to the participants in the Google trial.

Available the demo version first Android Q now for any device Pixel, including first-generation Pixel and the Pixel XL, and Google’s support for this old-fashioned on the request of the A lot of users.

The leading actresses in the Android Q :

One of the major changes coming to the Q is the privacy settings of the additional, which will allow users to restrict app access to their information during use, instead of giving permission to select a site is unlimited you will be able to Android users than to talk about it in every use.

Also put Google also new restrictions on access to certain applications, and get things like audio, videos and photos and any file downloaded to your phone.

Also coming to the Android Q with better support for phones collapsible, which is something promised by Google already in November, where will the Q support the best resume app and pause from the work in the background, as well as improvements to change the size of the application conditions, divided into the screen.

Another feature of the stylish a focus of Google, which is the application programming interface of the Settings panel, which will allow developers instant access and document the to phone settings such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and NFC without having to open the App Settings each time.

There are also some audio options and video new in the Android Q, where Google works on the standardization of how to map images with the Android app through the Coordination of Dynamic Depth new contains JPEG image data and the definition of the depth map the depth of the gusset together.

Also announced the Google announced that Android Q on the support of the program encoding the video AV1 of the next generation, which should provide quality and better flow with less bandwidth once the content providers to support it.

إطلاق النسخة التجريبية الأولى من Android Q على بعض الهواتف

The launch of the first beta version of Android Q on some phones

Finally, this is the first version of the system Android Q you will witness the coming days more modifications and features that will be disclosed in the trial versions of the following, to be announced update final this summer, and we hope to have the update Android 9 Pie has reached a larger number of phones at the time.

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