Officially iPad Pro 2018 Ipad Pro to the new design and possible

2018 Ipad Ro

IPad Pro new version 2018 new design without button key and frames, skinny, let’s look at the specs with the prices .

Apple unveiled about the iPad Pro new version 2018, which this time came with a new design on the way smart phones are trendy, the company said in its conference, it’s more iPad experience the company changes in the history of the series .

The design of the new air pro

Worked Apple TV this time on the size of the device through the shapers of the tire and came by from where for the first screen 11 inch and the second a 12.9-inch screen comes from the type of Liquid Retina and have proved their worth in the luster of colors and their visibility, screen resolution is different in the two devices, but both the proportion and the fit is close due to the difference between the two except that the two screens density of 264 pixels per inch, version 12.9 inch accurately 1668*2388 pixels, version 11-inch resolution of 2048 x 2732 pixels, Depends device the thinnest in the iPad series the whole thickness amounting to 5.9 mm only and the weight of 468 grams to 11 inches and weighs 631 grams ratio of 12.9 inch .

Specifications power where you can turn the iPad, Bank power

The device comes to the structure of the metal and for the first time in the history of the series comes to the iPad without the button key in the fact and without the entrance of the heaven of the traditional 3.5 mm and replace it in the USB of the type of car and this means you can charge the iPhone from the iPad is a good idea to convert to bank energy, of the benefits of this entrance is that you can connect your DSLR camera directly to the device to pull images and video.

Also added Apple’s face recognition technology Face ID but without the note at the top of the screen and the sensors technical and front camera in the top bar of the device and down put Apple TV 4 speakers to the device 2 up and them down, 5 microphones, a custom for calls and recording audio and video, processor type A12X Bionic eight clutches and the fastest 35% of the previous processor as the company said.

And Apple, it’s twice as fast as in the performance of the graphics which makes the experience of augmented reality and games more effective and the adventure, the device comes with a camera background one accurately 12 mega pixel camera girl wide lens 1.8 and pick up a 4K video with HDR and a scanner for documents and audio support mobile Animoji and Memoji front camera accurately 7 mega pixel camera girl lens 2.2.

Battery iPad Pro 2018 Ipad Pro

Reported to Apple that your device’s battery hold up for ten hours and comes with four copies of where the storage space is 64 GB and 256 GB and 512 GB and version IV for the first time with a storage space of 1TB also comes in two versions in terms of support networks LTE and WI-FI only .

The price of the iPad Pro 2018 Ipad Pro

As the device supports E-SIM and provided Apple with the device rarely scanned, but it is sold separately and pen designed underbody with the possibility of switching the orders of the pen from the writing to the survey by clicking on them and is a feature that client too and paired with the pen magnetically to the device and at the price of $ 130.

Appendix II is a keyboard and are sold separately too, and coupled with a magnet device at a price of $ 180 and $ 200, depending on the version of iPad, the price of the device starts from 800 until 1700 $ to 11 inches depending on storage space and the possibility of communication data or not while version 12.9-inch price starts from 900 up to 1900 dollars .

Colors available

The device comes in two colors light gray and dark gray .

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Officially iPad Pro 2018 Ipad Pro to design new and possible

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