Officially: Google announces the Android Pie version forces

After more than a week on the launch of the Android Pie officially announced the Google version of the rules of the ninth release for the Android system, so after the announcement of the company for a copy of the rules of the Android phones and economic and the users of the Android system for the first time, it was phone Nokia 1 is the first phone in this new system, let’s see now provides more than 200 phone calls a system of rules from several companies.

You will get a copy of the rules of the Android Pie a range of improvements and the new features, such as space consumption of the internal memory is less, including the 500 meg MB additional with the departure of the faster system and improved safety features and a control panel to monitor and track the internet consumption.

Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) space

Can version of the rules also read web pages in a clear voice with the identification of words in a sequential manner to provide saturation.

Google Go

While the YouTube application on the style of the gallery for clips of previous uploaded with the consumption of Internet less.

maps go navigation

As for the copy rules from the Maps application will feature navigation, with the increase of the number of languages supported in the path of the Google rules and also increase its capacity to in Bluetooth and the camera and flash light and add alerts via voice commands, and finally will reduce the distance the messages application and the phone in half with support for Caller ID and spam.

This has told Google that the first phones that will come by the Android Pie version of forces will release to the market the autumn of this year, without revealing whether Android phones rules the current by Android oreo you will get update of the new system.

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